Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who’s with us in creating a (H)ypospadias (A)wareness (W)eek ?!

Or HAW abbreviated and pronounced ha-h or as in ha ha.

Hypospadias, pronounced Hype-oh-spade-y-es

As defined and shown by Wikipedia:


We're dead serious on this. We believe this issue is flying under the radar for most men and is becoming out of control. Imagine you have a friend like our mutual friend here at (who we'll call "the damager" to protect identities) and this friend "the damager" has literally walked the planet for nearly 24 years under the complete impression that the male human penis should have dual cannon functionality. It wasn't until recent that The Damager had to model a male penis in graphic design and innocently asked his lab partner (who we'll call K Rock) "why aren't you making the second hole?" Second hole? WTF are we talking about! had to be the immediate thought as no awareness week has been setup for the general public. None of us from were there when this question was posed but having caught up with K Rock, as he is a friend of ours too; come to find out he was stupefied when the question arrived! Immediately when caught wind of this we were dumbfounded and needed answers. This started an ongoing investigation into this phenomenon (labeled defect by society/medical science) and into all previous relationships/girlfriends of The Damager. We needed answers, the first being how did this go unknown for so long and why haven't previous sexual partners been kind enough to break the news to our good friend.

To help explain what Hypospadias for a man is, we have created this simple diagram:

At the very minimum this could allow what we we've come to refer to as, "the power shower hour". In which a male specimen affected by Hypospadias essentially ejaculates as well as urinates AT THE SAME TIME! This is not a defect this is a mutant power! As men, locker room talk has always circulated about how "peeing is not really achievable with an erection and becomes even far more problematic if close to an orgasm". After some research and extensive conversation with both The Damager and previous partners of his, we finally got some answers. The first being no one knew! One previous lover and long time live-in girlfriend told us that she never knew! Like HTF did you not know!? He's blasting from a different angle!! Her response, I just never knew. Needless to say we were stunned and when we caught up with The Damager for his take on Hypospadias (finally in the know) he was quick to point out how stunned and remarkably flabbergasted he was as well. He wouldn't allow us an actual photo of the phe-nom and would not let us seek comment with his parental units, however he did describe in detail what it looks like.

In his particular case he has a "flap" of skin positioned "above" what would be considered the normal male genitalia opening used for both urinary and sexual relief. Can anyone say dual exhaust? He stated that when the secondary hole is not in use it's really hard to even tell it's there and practically camouflages to his member once flacid. That PWNS in our books and deserves much more attention then we think it's receiving. is on the prowl with this topic and we're hoping others will chime in with their experiences. EX: when did you first notice? Did you get surgery to correct this? Do you believe this is awesome, (like we do)!? And finally have you been able to accomplish a "power shower hour"? Your girlfriends, wives, boyfriends and life partners should understand this is in the name of science and should let you try one time to blast from both barrels, we know our wives would… girls… boys..

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