Monday, August 10, 2009

MMA Conversation & Musings 8/10/09

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:13 AM]: BJ Penn baby

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:13 AM]: dude i was just thinking about you.. beat me to the im

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:13 AM]: LOL

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:13 AM]: hell yeah bj penn

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:13 AM]: it was pretty one sided

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:14 AM]: way proud of that hawaii'n

no doubt

penn looked great

so good

those new shorts were sweet too

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:14 AM]: yeah I thought better strategy than the shorts

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:16 AM]: Forrest was like Gump...Run Forrest run

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:16 AM]: LOL

Totally the running joke today


wtf was up with that?

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:17 AM]: he quit

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:17 AM]: straight up

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:17 AM]: no tap out nothing

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:17 AM]: couldn't take the heat of the spider

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:17 AM]: at least fake like you got knocked out

silva had his hands down the whole time...and connected on every punch

hes ridiculous

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:18 AM]: he's the man ridiculous

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:18 AM]: GSP needs to go up and get him

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:18 AM]: amen

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:19 AM]: GSP would need to get him on the ground

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:19 AM]: I know what silva does.. but all fighters i think are too chicken s"t now to do what needs to be done

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:19 AM]: GSP and Silva need to settle who is the best pound for pound

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:19 AM]: I SMELL MEGA FIGHT

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:20 AM]: Dana needs to get to the point already

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:20 AM]: LOL

First silva is climbing 205 that's for sure + defend 185 then i think then if loses one @ 205 dana says ok lets get this gsp vs silva out of the way at catch weight 180

mega fight first too I think with machida vs silva?? thoughts

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:22 AM]: who in 205 can beat silva....they would have to find middle ground for GSP and Silva......GSP/Silva.....Brock/Fedor....massive card

yeah I was just thinking that...thats good...Machida is solid

plus the story that they are training partners right?

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:23 AM]: machida and silva are friends tho!

more than that i think

they co-own blackhouse traning facility together

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:24 AM]: silva says he wants to fight the best fighter....if thats Machida then hes got to do it

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:24 AM]: get er done


‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:24 AM]: silva should be on the next fight can't really call Sat a fight

that wasn't even a sparring session...didn't even get touched

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:25 AM]: right

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:25 AM]: sorry I'm greedy

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:25 AM]: me 2 I agree with you completely

that would be getting back to the roots of UFC where guys if could would fight 2-3 fights

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:26 AM]: LOL...well I'm sure $ plays a factor...suck it out now that they got pay per view

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:28 AM]: "Brock/Fedor....massive card" fedor never made it

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:28 AM]: crying over million


‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:29 AM]: nah.. that whole M-1 debacle

sad really

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:29 AM]: who can challenge Brock?

once that beast lays on you its over

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:30 AM]: but good news.. is diaz failed to show up for strike force drug test.. which strikeforce is who fedor went with cuz they will co sponsor events with M-1 so hopefully strikeforce drowns soon really only leaving UFC left

possibly kimbo is what i'm thinking these days

without fedor he's like the best hope

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:30 AM]: kimbo from you tube?

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:30 AM]: and from cbs

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:30 AM]: is that guy know any MMA?

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:30 AM]: Brb

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:31 AM]: k

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:41 AM]: needed to swab a couple emails out ack

SFlow‎‎ [11:41 AM]: Yeah, kimbo knows MMA he's just not all that pro yet IMO. He had a couple lame fights with CBS and got knocked out in like 14 seconds in one by a no namer

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:41 AM]: any good fights on the next ufc?

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:43 AM]: huerta got put back to a ufc fight night hehe

portland oregon checking in aug29

oh yeah mia vs marquardt

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:43 AM]: Franklin vs belfort in the one after

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:44 AM]:

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:52 AM]: taking a closer look at that next card i'm actually more impressed.. of course some big names have taken some big losses as of late to not so big of names and dana's showing what he likes to do with losers! Back to the under cards for u buddy.

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:52 AM]: think the next one is going to be good?

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:53 AM]: wouldn't say good but better having reviewed the entire card

I'm really excited for the marquardt fight

winner really decides who fights anderson next @ 185

that division is so stacked but anderson slices through like butta

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:54 AM]: man among boys

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:54 AM]: no doubt

‎‎Corey W‎‎ [11:54 AM]: what do you think about ufc 103?

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:56 AM]: smaller guys

all small guys

but that's ok too

franca finally getting back in the cage is kind of weird

guys been out for like 2 years

griffin should pwn him

koscheck really needs a win here so trigg is nice

we all swick


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