Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MiMoSa @ Beta BeatPort Lounge 08/14/09

A review~

First off, great show Basslabs!! What a blasty!!

The show in reality kicked off @ 6pm MST with a very relaxed and informative Ableton v8.0 demonstration workshop, led by Crowd Rock. Having never used Ableton before, Cacheflowe's presentation was something we were really interested in. Once Cacheflow had the floor, he immediately showed us just how simple it really is to navigate Ableton menus, finding the options you're looking for by way of keyboard shortcuts. EX: Clicking a warp marker, then doing CTRL +A to select all of them then DEL key to delete all of them. During his demonstration he allowed us to watch him produce a track, teaching us essentially what he does each step of the way and within seconds he had created a pretty banging glitch/dub loop. The second half of Cacheflowe's discussion was based completely around the built-in Midi controller for Ableton (very deep dish, which was awesome) and how when the instruments are used in conjunction with your tracks, you can actually produce some pretty cool sounds and loops.

Finally @ last, the DJ sets kicked off around 9pm MST. S.P.E.C.T.R.E would be charged with wrecking the mid leg of the show and that he did! He immediately came correct with dark and grimey sounds interlaced with dreadlock beats for what we at progressiveflow now call Rhasta Dub Core. With no disappointments there, and S.P.E.C.T.R.E holding it down for womp lovers everywhere, the Beatport Lounge really started to pack up. Word must have gotten out that MiMoSa was in town because within minutes it was wall to wall bang'n. This lead the way for the uber surprise set of the evening. Pulling up the anchor spot for the local support sets, Crowd Rock aka Jason Roth aka The Juice OMG tore it up! Every time we hear or see this kid he brings something new to the table, this time was no different and it came in the form of wobbly midi's stitched together with top 40 glitch and dubstep. These beats were a perfect segway for the main event and The Juice really got the whole crowd sideways in anticipation for MiMoSa.

Now it was starshine time! Having gotten the extreme privilege of meeting and chilling with MiMoSa minutes before his set, we were way stoked for him go on. This brand new 21 year old is indeed one of the most chillest human beings you could ever meet and his ear for good sound is second to none. He threw down the most rhythmic, thrashiest set most newcomers probably have ever heard, with one of his awesome climaxes appearing in the way of "Dirty Dirty Diamond" that had us and the crowd absolutely throbbing with head bobs and hand bangs. What a great energy from the crowd and what a great energy radiating off MiMosa. It was an absolutely fantastic set and easily squashed any over-hype he might of received after reportedly taking or at least rivaling Bassnectar for set of the weekend Sonic Bloom 2009. With him having nothing but good things to say about the place and people of Denver, Colorado; we have made him an honorary member of and hope when he comes back possibly in November he would oblige us with an interview. for more information including live footage of the event. Letter Grade Event Rating






If Mimosa drops us an interview this goes A+ :-)

Sound System


Funktion 1 sound system never goes wrong, but who couldn't use more power :-)



Beatport lounge could use a few more lighting effects more like the main room

Drink (price per alcohol %)


$30 including tip got us twisted :-)

Location & capcity


Got a little cramped but expected for not main room, however conveniently located



The only reason this is not higher is due to the ass wad that tried to start a fight with us leaving the club otherwise A+



$10 is steep and always hard to find a meter



Got a little cramped near the end, I think also due to main floor coming up to see all the commotion :-)

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