Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MMA Conversation & Musings 9/15/09

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:27 AM]:

PCOON! what up main! is chat service down?

‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:28 AM]:
I don't think so

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:28 AM]:

ah, just got one

did I call that shit or what!! UFC Returns To Vegas For Lesnar vs Carwin

‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:29 AM]:
You didn't know about that?

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:29 AM]:

Yeah I did!!

‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:29 AM]:
That was like forever ago

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:29 AM]:

Called right after the mir fight

‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:29 AM]:
People were calling for Carwin before Mir

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:29 AM]:


no way

‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:30 AM]:
not saying he had a shot but that frank had no chance

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:30 AM]:

they didn't even think he'd get a shot this time

and that they'd put a bigger name in

carwin's the man.. almost got knocked out last fight

but recovered and then knocked the other dude out immediately

‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:32 AM]:
I don't think Carwin can win

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:32 AM]:

good wrestler too

probably not.. but i still root for the underdog a lot

‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:36 AM]:
You watching fight night on wednesday?

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:36 AM]:

huerta, diaz, no doubt

‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:36 AM]:

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:37 AM]:


‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:37 AM]:
that fights not as exciting as the other one

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:37 AM]:


‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:37 AM]:

its maynard huerta but dias guilard looks to be the best

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:38 AM]:

right i'm excited about both fights the diaz and huerta

‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:38 AM]:

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:38 AM]:

rooting both them

‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:38 AM]:
I'm taking the other two

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:38 AM]:

I hate you!

‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:40 AM]:
Gray is gonna smash Huerta and Diaz is like 1/2 the size of Guillard
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:40 AM]:
guillard's brain is half the size of diaz tho
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:41 AM]:

brocks not nearly as smart or experienced as randy
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:42 AM]:
ok.. so..
right but randy is old too
other factors there
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:42 AM]:
randy's not even as "old" as i am
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:47 AM]:
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:49 AM]:
Randy's in better shape than most of the UFC fighters

his "old" is just made up numbers

Time is relative and thus age is meaningless
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:50 AM]:
ok, u tell randy that because even in his last couple of interviews he states "feeling old"
can't slip a freaking jab anymore, that's just age dude
he knows how
but too slow
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:51 AM]:
Who's jab?
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:52 AM]:
uh.. brock .. nog..
nog caught randy too many times for a nog fight
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:52 AM]:
He slipped most of brocks punches and against nog he should have just clinched up with him and out wrestled him

nogs a solid boxer
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:52 AM]:
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:52 AM]:
he spars with silva

‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:52 AM]:
blah.. nog never won a fight in pride with his boxing
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:53 AM]:

but that doesn't mean he can't box

just means he likes to sub
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:53 AM]:
it's just not a strong point and randy should of won that if nog wanted to box
brock wants to box that's another story.. just the mere power should want to bring him down
i just remember the days when he randy was holding his own with likes of boxers like liddel and pedro
long since past
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:56 AM]:
Nog through a lot of combo's though

you can slip 1 or 2 punches but a solid combo will still catch you unless you just get out
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:57 AM]:
i think you'd see that more with anderson tho.. i've seen that dude straight slip the whole combo
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:57 AM]:
well rich isn't the best boxer nor is forrest

forrest is actually pretty slow

forrest and rich both are just force of will fighters
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:58 AM]:
but even with that other guy that was a great boxer.. can't recall his name but the dude went down with leg injury before the fight could really get underway
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [10:59 AM]:
yeah but that had nothing to do with silva

that was just overtraining
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [10:59 AM]:
i'm a tru believer in slipping punches.. ever since I started to learn about boxing
bruce lee taught that too
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [11:00 AM]:
yeah if you can slip a straight or a hook by all means but if they start to throw another punch behind it then you need to get out or hit em back
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:00 AM]:
unless you're anderson silva yes
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [11:00 AM]:
stop them from throwing or you're gonna get caught
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:01 AM]:
or block anderson will do sometimes too
it'll go slip, slip, block, then counter from anderson
unless he's dancing then it could be slip, slip, slip until you back step then he counters
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [11:02 AM]:
Yeah but randy was trying to slip counter which doesn't work vs combo's with nog and a ridiculous reach with brock

well it can with brock but thats tough
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:02 AM]:
too tough to slip them anymore
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [11:03 AM]:
no it would be tough for anyone to slip brocks punches
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:03 AM]:
unless you're anderson
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [11:03 AM]:
i'm pretty sure anderson couldn't either

i'd put money that anderson would get owned by brock
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:03 AM]:
if he takes 205 might be possible to see
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [11:03 AM]:
and not by his punches but simply by brock just wrestling him down like mir
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:03 AM]:
anderson in a 250
that would be sight
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [11:04 AM]:
grab him, throw him down, turn face to hamburger
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:04 AM]:
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [11:14 AM]:
I may have to root for shane he's a denva boi!
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:16 AM]:
amen.. just another reason i like him
he's the biggest smallest heavyweight i've ever seen
he'll be like reno to brock's vegas
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [11:17 AM]:
He looks like he's gassed after 1 round

he better be working on his conditioning
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:19 AM]:
yeah.. don't know if we've seen him do a 3 rounder
definitely not a 5
‎‎Phil C‎‎ [11:22 AM]:
I'll root for shane but I'd put my money on brock
‎‎SFlow‎‎ [11:23 AM]:
i feel the same

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