Sunday, June 28, 2009

Omg.. Cattle!

1:30 pm"We're experiencing a service disruption in your area. We apologize for any inconvenience. Are service technicians are working hard to restore service."

11:30 pm"It is not necessary to remain on the line. If this satisfy's the reason for your call, you may hang up or else, to report a different problem please remain on the line."

Does anyone else feel like cattle!? We're cattle!? Tell me that living in a big city (Seattle, San Fran, LA, Dallas, New York, Tokyo!) that you don't stop sometimes, even for just a moment.. and look around… thinking to yourself "Damn, I feel like I'm being driven today!!" Not like a car driven, but like cattle driven. Just like a herd of cattle we have to listen to some "Bull" and when he s**ts, well you get the picture.

We're "herded" and of the "Sheppard" all throughout our day. If you're like everyone else that I know, you work a 9 to 5, going into work the same way you do every day. Bing… through the front door and then your routinely standard, "Morning Fred" wave to the security guard as you pass the through the lobby. Maybe you work for a Grocery Food chain so you come in every day through the designated side entrance, "Hey Susie", there you go… down isle 13, back to produce where you will relinquish most of your day. Maybe if you're truly like me and always running late J , you have to then skip such pleasantry's as Hi Fred, Hi Susie and freaking B-Line to the damn time clock because god forbid you punch in at 8: ooooh god.. oh god.. 8:05, YES! I made it! You know because you're late at 8:06 ;-)

So in a way, we're being herded by mandated time constraints. Is there no true flexibility anymore? We're talking blue collar, dronish behavior. Why can't our good American workers come in through the back doors to go clock-in and if late.. here's a thought.. stay later??! Now some of you may think.. "Well good employers should account for this error factor and be flexible on their policy with attendance" or "Employers may need employees to be in at certain times to take care of their consumer". Those are both great points and worth noting/mentioning right here!! ß See right here!

Of course that's not the point we're trying to make, the point we're trying to make is that we're still controlled.. in the mind's eye. Once again, dronish behavior can't be good, right? Why is this you may ask? That's easy, because if not for dronish behavior we might tear the very fabric of our being. Bam! Suddenly everyone in the world is a CEO, what (would/could) you do with everyone controlling everything for everyone.. it'd be mass pandemonium, seriously, martial law type of sh**. Which I might add, some Americans feel we need to go back too, not us of course, well maybe.

We're just really not as free as we once were IMO. I mean we are, but consequently in some aspects we're not. I mean whyTF do I have to be stuck in traffic with like thousands of other people at this very moment!! Is there no other way? Idea: Now that we're becoming more global every day, why don't our American telecoms companies setup Americans (that want to go of course) to ally countries like India to answer calls??! Picture a more mass scale student exchange program for our Viacoms of the world. This could actually work quite well for companies as evident with the recent Puerto Rico subsidiaries all the while allowing humans to spread out without losing a natural day/night living cycle.

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