Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Lil’ about us… was created for mainly one reason, to help shape the future. The vehicle being thought, art, media, experience, the love and dopeness that makes up our existence together. We hope everyone can see and feel the abstract and wallow in the unknown. Peace leads to tranquility leads to boredom leads to death.

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As defined by

Evolution is fact. If you struggle with this concept, we challenge you to come up with any good reasons why the human body can function to a ripe old age, missing tonsils, spleen, and even appendix. Or why Thomas Edison's inventions were near obsolete comparative to Tesla's evolved idea of the AC current. Progression happens, this is easy to explain, we have a black president and that is awesome.

What it means to us is that "to help evolution" we need all to progress positively rather than negatively, thus facilitating positive evolution rather than negative. Comparatively because evolution is a synonym of progression and vice versa we all need to help evolution in any way we can "positively", whether it is progressing forward or inevitably backwards as with most aspects of corrupted government/business entities. Can you make me beautiful?!

So really what does all this mean? It means wants to help YOU! We can't truly be happy unless "all" and we mean all of you, as in the human race, are vivacious as well. We're very serious about this. Let this stand as our mission statement, this site was/will be designed to help in every positive, ethical way for anything under the Sun or beyond for that matter. This site houses intelligence gathered by all of us as beautiful, creative people. We want to collaborate with everyone and then catalog the gifted and shun the haters. In fact, no disrespectful attitudes, comments or the like will ever have a safe haven at If you have static or beef with a topic, we would love it be brought up in our posts, however we ask that it is in root cause, solution forward format. We want to help breed the fixes here at and provide only constructive criticism. Derogatory statements only hinder what we're trying to do.

With the above said, this site itself was imagined by few in hopes it is embraced by all.

About the creators: Just your average "Joe the actor's" or "Steve the business exec" honorable, intelligent, and preceded with noble ambitious desire to help in any way we can. We come from all walks of life and dabble into much business, artistic, hobby and recreational activities which allows us many connections in the various industries. We have allies in several states, including but not limited to California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Wyoming, Texas, and Louisiana.

Who we are not: Assholes, bigots, closed minded, judgmental

Who we're here for: We want to be harmonious with life's heartbeat and footprint, so anyone that needs our assistance through the services and thought we offer not excluding monetary gain through publishing are asked to join the movement. Although we mainly focus on the arts and science of life, most of us work for big corporations during the day and understand this paradigm as well.

Note from the author:

I want to dedicate this site to my adoring and most beautiful wife, who without her support and deep insight this site might not be possible. To my son and family, to my bro's (you know who you are) and finally to all of you that unwaveringly affect me.



  1. sFloW!! I love what you are doing! Great things ahead for us, I have faith we will succeed in raising the conscious! Be aware people, of people, objects, the universe and life, that is what is needed for our evolution. An open heart, an open mind! mKasS

  2. Ah, thanks MKASS :-) I <3 what you do too! Keep checking back as progress gets underway again this week.



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